SharePoint Developer & Consultant
Welcome to my website.  I began my professional IT career developing applications and databases using Microsoft programming languages and technologies, and I've been building SharePoint sites since the 2003 version of the product.  Over time as I managed more and more projects, I sharpened my project management skills, eventually earning a PMP (2007-2017) credential from the Project Management Institute.  SharePoint has been an extremely valuable product for me over many years as a developer, project manager, and end user.  It truly does allow project teams, departments, and organizations to collaborate effectively.  These days, I specialize in SharePoint development and consulting.  If you're looking for help with SharePoint, you've come to the right place.

I'm currently working for Bulletproof Solutions developing SharePoint Add-ins for the Microsoft Office store.  You can contact Bulletproof at https://www.bulletproofsi.com for help with your SharePoint project.