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SharePoint Training

You`ve completed the planning and initial development phases of your SharePoint deployment, and now it`s time to let staff take it for a test drive.  There are different methods you can use to complete the same task, such as creating content or editing a document, and each method has different options, strengths, & weaknesses.  You need someone who will be able to show your staff the tips and tricks that really allow you to make the most of the product.  Also, SharePoint has a huge number of features, so a customized training agenda can really help focus the sessions on the most important functionality.  Here are some examples of how I can help. 
Customized Training Agendas
Best Practices for Collaboration
Viewing, Adding, Updating, & Deleting Data
Special Document Management Features
Using Workflows
Microsoft Office Integration
Local Site Administration
SharePoint Farm Administration
SharePoint Designer Training
Visual Studio Training